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Available Birds:

If you are interested in adopting from us we ask you to: 1) Read the FAQ's before you make any inquiries as well as 2) Do extensive research on the species to decide on the right feathered friend for you. 3) If you are new to birds or are a little rusty we strongly urge you sign up for this online course 4) If you plan to do a meet and greet with your bird we require that they been to the vet within the last year.



Sun Conure

30 yo Unknown Gender

Boogie is a well-rounded and distinguished gentlebird of 30 years, well-known for his calm demeanor and affectionate nature. He enjoys snuggling up and sleeping in your shirt, and his vocabulary includes the word “cookie." Boogie has formed a bond with Sunkist at the rescue and currently shares a cage with her. They can be adopted out together.



Sun Conure

2 yo Female

Meet Sunkist, a 2-year-old female sun conure bursting with personality. While deeply affectionate towards people, she can display a hint of jealousy towards other birds. Despite her occasional stubbornness, she's easily swayed by the promise of a seed. She has formed a bond with Boogie at the rescue and currently shares a cage with him. They can be adopted out together.



Green Quaker

5 yo Female

Introducing Michelle, the 5-year-old Quaker with a sassy streak! She's got that typical Quaker attitude, but underneath it all, she's got the potential to be a real sweetheart. With a bit of patience and TLC, Michelle might just steal your heart!



Jenday Conure

10 yo Female

Bernadette is a delightful 10-year-old Jenday Conure. With her sweet disposition and sociable nature, she warmly welcomes everyone she meets. She adores nuzzling into your neck, and sharing affectionate moments with her human companions. Her well-socialized demeanor makes her an ideal companion for anyone seeking a feathered friend to brighten their days.

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