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Eastside Parrot Rescue is here to help you when you need to rehome or relinquish your bird. We work throughout Washington and are located in the Greater Seattle Area. Our previous birds found perfect placements. Adoptive parents are throughly vetted and will give your bird a loving home.


We understand that giving up a pet is very hard! But sometimes it's what is best for you and the animal. Life happens. It can be scary to rehome on craigslist or other such places. There is also a shortage of bird rescue throughout the US and especially in the pacific northwest. It's hard to know where to go. This is a judgement free zone where we are focused on creating improved situations.

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We are not a 501c3 nor are we a business. The adoption fees are to cover costs our parrot related expenses such as food, enrichment, cages and medical bills. 

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