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Available Birds:

If you are interested in adopting from us we ask you to: 1) Read the FAQ's before you make any inquiries as well as 2) Do extensive research on the species to decide on the right feathered friend for you. 3) If you are new to birds or are a little rusty we strongly urge you sign up for this online course 4) If you plan to do a meet and greet with your bird we require that they been to the vet within the last year.

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Blue & Gold Macaw

30 yo Unknown Gender

Bailey just got here so he is still trying to figure things out. Bailey is a little shy but has allowed me to give him pets. He has the sweetest eyes and I'm sure in no time her will come out of his shell. We have been told Bailey is a boy however we do not have DNA testing.  He likes other birds but would be good as a single bird as well.



Moluccan Cockatoo

6 yo Female

She's a silly silly girl. She will be with us awhile to get her back in good health. Gabby is a 6 year old Moluccan Cockatoo! She is such a sweet girl and is settling in nicely. She is such a ham with quite the vocabulary.  She arrived mostly a plucked chicken but is recovering fast.



Moluccan Cockatoo

30 yo Female

Her Mama has entrusted her to us as she's not able to care for her anymore. Samantha has been settling so we aren't sure yet on vocabulary. She's a sweet girl even through the rapid changes she has allowed me to pet her and has stepped up.

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