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Available Birds:

If you are interested in adopting from us we ask you to: 1) Read the FAQ's before you make any inquiries as well as 2) Do extensive research on the species to decide on the right feathered friend for you. 3) If you are new to birds or are a little rusty we strongly urge you sign up for this online course 4) If you plan to do a meet and greet with your bird we require that they been to the vet within the last year.

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Red Lored Amazon

30 yo Unknown Gender

Agatha is incredibly sweet, fairly quiet and mild mannered.  She gets along well with everyone and is comfortable around birds. She is in great health but is trying to loose a few grams.



Blue & Gold Macaw

30 yo Unknown Gender

Bailey just got here so he is still trying to figure things out. Bailey is a little shy but has allowed me to give him pets. He has the sweetest eyes and I'm sure in no time her will come out of his shell. We have been told Bailey is a boy however we do not have DNA testing.  He likes other birds but would be good as a single bird as well.




30 yo Unknown Gender


Popeye is a playful cockatoo with a huge personality! He loves to dance and play with toys. He does take time to warm up  to you people once he does he will ask for pets and cuddles. Popeyes is a talkative bird who knows a handful of phrases. He gives kisses and will often tilt his head to ask for head kisses. Popeye does have a bit of a screaming habit, the right structure and amount of attention this behavior can be kept in check, consistency is key with this one. Popeye will try to steal your dinner though, so be warned. He gets along with men women and other birds!



Lilac Crowned Amazon

5 yo Female

Coco needs a little TLC and work. She can be cage aggressive but once she's out she likes to just hang out with you. We haven't heard any words from Coco just a lot of imitating sounds.  She would do best with a female owner.


Severe Macaw

30 yo Male

Diego is a sweet bird once he is out of his cage. He can be cage aggressive so we let him come out on his own and then have him step up. Diego has plucked his feathers due to an environment change years ago, they will not grow back. Diego has a large vocabulary and barks like a small dog, says How Are You, I Love You, That's Good, & More. He does better with Men than Women.



Moluccan Cockatoo

30 yo Female

Her Mama has entrusted her to us as she's not able to care for her anymore. Samantha has been settling so we aren't sure yet on vocabulary. She's a sweet girl even through the rapid changes she has allowed me to pet her and has stepped up.



Congo African Grey

25 yo Unknown Gender

His Owner passed away and he was brought to us. Riley is a sweet boy he is gender neutral and will go to anyone that will give him love. He is a former plucker and his feathers (some) are growing back. Give Riley a hello! He has not been DNA tested but we have been told he is male



Sun Conure

2 yo Female

Meet Sunkist, a 2-year-old female sun conure bursting with personality. While deeply affectionate towards people, she can display a hint of jealousy towards other birds. Despite her occasional stubbornness, she's easily swayed by the promise of a seed. She has formed a bond with Boogie at the rescue and currently shares a cage with him. They can be adopted out together.



Green Quaker

5 yo Female

Introducing Michelle, the 5-year-old Quaker with a sassy streak! She's got that typical Quaker attitude, but underneath it all, she's got the potential to be a real sweetheart. With a bit of patience and TLC, Michelle might just steal your heart!



Sun Conure

30 yo Unknown Gender

Boogie is a well-rounded and distinguished gentlebird of 30 years, well-known for his calm demeanor and affectionate nature. He enjoys snuggling up and sleeping in your shirt, and his vocabulary includes the word “cookie." Boogie has formed a bond with Sunkist at the rescue and currently shares a cage with her. They can be adopted out together.



Moluccan Cockatoo

6 yo Female

She's a silly silly girl. She will be with us awhile to get her back in good health. Gabby is a 6 year old Moluccan Cockatoo! She is such a sweet girl and is settling in nicely. She is such a ham with quite the vocabulary.  She arrived mostly a plucked chicken but is recovering fast.



Jenday Conure

10 yo Female

Bernadette is a delightful 10-year-old Jenday Conure. With her sweet disposition and sociable nature, she warmly welcomes everyone she meets. She adores nuzzling into your neck, and sharing affectionate moments with her human companions. Her well-socialized demeanor makes her an ideal companion for anyone seeking a feathered friend to brighten their days.

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