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Available Birds:

If you are interested in adopting from us we ask you to: 1) Read the FAQ's before you make any inquiries as well as 2) Do extensive research on the species to decide on the right feathered friend for you. 3) If you are new to birds or are a little rusty we strongly urge you sign up for this online course 4) If you plan to do a meet and greet with your bird we require that they been to the vet within the last year.

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Timneh African Grey

35 yo DNA Test Pending


He's a sweet little boy. He definitely can be independent but also wants to be included in your all of your activities. He knows a few words but has a vast array of sounds and noises he likes to make. He came in can go to a home with other birds but he is selective about who he's comfortable with so a meet and greet with the birds is required.  He is missing a foot but lost it as a baby so he's unstoppable... but he needs to step up and down slowly.



Red Lored Amazon

30 yo Unknown Gender

Agatha is incredibly sweet, fairly quiet and mild mannered.  She gets along well with everyone and is comfortable around birds. She is in great health but is trying to loose a few grams.



Yellow Crowned Amazon

27 yo Unknown Gender

More info coming soon



Congo African Grey

35 yo Male

Andre is Mr Personality. He loves to say "hello" in his deep voice and talk up a storm. He keeps us laughing every day. He is working on his manners and can be nippy, but is improving. He is great with both men and women and loves watching kids play and yells along with them (although I would not trust any children holding him due to biting). He does tricks for snacks and is a great eater!

He does great with other bird siblings and loves to talk to them as well as dogs. He even calls the dogs when he wants them. He is a gem! 



Blue Fronted Amazon

34 yo Male

Jose is very quiet and keeps to himself. But he loves other birds and animals! He comes from a loving household but his owner is too ill to care for Jose any longer. Jose is a special needs bird because of his health issues. He has a heart murmur is on pain medications. He had a broken leg in the past which was never set so he’s got some deformity. Jose loves other animals and seems to feel more comfortable with men. However, he prefers not to be handled. Jose is really wanted to look out the window, watch tv and listen to music.


Little Mango

Golden Capped Conure

5 yo Male

Little Mango is sweet, loves to play and really enjoys being out and hanging with people. He flys, he plays under blankets and in pillow forts. He's a healthy guy and eats a mixture of pellets, beans, some fruits and veggies. Little Mango has seen a vet every year and never had health issues. He was raised with children so he feels comfortable around them. He’s lived with a cat and dog and thinks they’re his friends. He just wants to be a part of the action.




30 yo DNA Test Pending


Popeye is a playful cockatoo with a huge personality! He loves to dance and play with toys. He does take time to warm up  to you people once he does he will ask for pets and cuddles. Popeyes is a talkative bird who knows a handful of phrases. He gives kisses and will often tilt his head to ask for head kisses. Popeye does have a bit of a screaming habit, the right structure and amount of attention this behavior can be kept in check, consistency is key with this one. Popeye will try to steal your dinner though, so be warned. He gets along with men women and other birds!



Severe Macaw

25 yo Unknown Gender

Macito definitely takes time to warm up and pick his people. He will lung and bite with people he doesnt feel safe with. His previous owners have always kept him clipped so he has yet to figure out flying. He likes going outside and shredding toys. He can be very loud and screams when he wants things. He has made friends with other birds in the past.



Orange Winged Amazon

35 yo Female

She's a shy girl who has never really been handled so gaining her trust will take time. She is 35 years old and we believe with a patient hand she would be a very loving companion. We are able to pet her head and she calms very quickly and seems to enjoy the loves. Mama is on medication for arthritis but otherwise is a healthy bird. 


Carl & Hawk Eye

African Grey Bonded Pair

23 yo Males

The boys are very bonded they adore each other. They have lived together their whole lives and cannot be separated. 

Hawk Eye is the more outgoing of the two. He is constantly on the move. He takes care of his buddy too making sure he is fed. Hawk is also very sweet and gentle. Carl is reserved and shy. He looks around and keeps an eye on wherever Hawk is venturing out and stays close. Carl also may try to nip a bit if he is pushed too soon to step up.



Meyer Parrot

Adult Male 

He's a quiet little guy who has struggled with aggression issues over the years. In his cage he likes head scratches and attention. He is fairly unpredictable once he's out of his cage and has done the occasional flying attack. Melatonin does help curb this behavior. Zeepers original home was very dysfunctional. We do have high hopes for him with the right amount of attention and training these behaviors may be curbed. He is good with other birds.

Poco at her dad's.jpg


Dusky Conure

6 yo Female


She's very engaged, interactive, wise, and super smart. She would do well in a family setting. She absolutely loves being out of her cage, baths, gentle preening, playing peekaboo, singing, dancing, and most of all, being the center of everyone's life. Her health is excellent. She has regular annual exams. Her wings have never been clipped and her flying skills are excellent. 

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