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Available Birds:

If you are interested in adopting from us we ask you to: 1) Read the FAQ's before you make any inquiries as well as 2) Do extensive research on the species to decide on the right feathered friend for you. 3) If you are new to birds or are a little rusty we strongly urge you sign up for this online course 4) If you plan to do a meet and greet with your bird we require that they been to the vet within the last year.

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Lilac Crowned Amazon

5 yo Female

Coco needs a little TLC and work. She can be cage aggressive but once she's out she likes to just hang out with you. We haven't heard any words from Coco just a lot of imitating sounds.  She would do best with a female owner.



Moluccan Cockatoo

30 yo Female

Her Mama has entrusted her to us as she's not able to care for her anymore. Samantha is a very sweet girl and gentle natured. She loves everyone and lots of attention. Samantha came from a home with two other birds and would do best in a multi bird home where she has a flock. We have taken her out on social outings and she soaks up all the love and affection she can get. Samantha has a small vocabulary but makes up for that in her gentle nature. She does well with Males & Females.



Green Quaker

5 yo DNA tested Male

Introducing Michele, the 5-year-old Quaker with a sassy streak! He's got that typical Quaker attitude, but underneath it all, He's got the potential to be a real sweetheart. With a bit of patience and TLC, Michele might just steal your heart!



Moluccan Cockatoo

6 yo Female

She's a silly silly girl. She will be with us awhile to get her back in good health. Gabby is a 6 year old Moluccan Cockatoo! She is such a sweet girl and is settling in nicely. She is such a ham with quite the vocabulary.  She arrived mostly a plucked chicken but is recovering fast.


Kelly Bird

Timneh African Grey

Unknown Gender Assumed early 30's

Kelly Bird's Owner passed away leaving him looking for a new perch. Kelly is a silly guy he says Kelly Bird! I love you, Night Night, and tells the other SHHHH! When they get loud. Kelly took a little while to warm up to us but as long as we let him come out on his terms he will step up and hang out. He does an adorable yawn and sigh when he gets tired. With the right person Kelly would make an amazing Companion.


Congo African Grey​

Unknown Gender Assumed late 20's


Baby's previous Owner passed away leaving Baby looking for a new loving home. Baby is pretty reserved and is relatively quiet. You will hear Baby say "phone call". We have spent time with Baby and found that a slow gentle approach works best. Baby doesn't seem to prefer one sex over the other. The ideal home for Baby would be one that has patience and time to form a strong bond which would certainly be reciprocated.


Congo African Grey

19 yo DNA Tested Female

Charlie's previous owners had a change in life that caused them to rehome her. She's a DNA tested female Congo, very sweet and mimics different sounds.​ Charlie does have some vocabulary but speaks very softly. It does take her awhile to warm up to new people but once you win her trust she is an absolute Angel.

Jack Jack

Severe Macaw

18 yo Male

Jack Jack's Owner became very ill and we were asked to look after Jack for several months to see if her health improved. After 5 months of Jack being here she decided due to her health she could no longer care for Jack. Jack is an amazing boy! He has quite the personality and sweetness. Jack has been here for quite some time and has a hard time warming up to other people outside of myself. Jack has a large vocabulary he say Jack Jack Jack, Jack Jack Banana, wanna shower, peek a boo, hey baby, and many more phrases. Jack was very well loved and cared for he is a bit spoiled and would need a home that can give him the time and attention he requires. He is a Macaw so he can be quite noisy. He would do best in a home where is primary caretaker is Female.

Betty Boop

Congo African Grey

DNA tested Female 19 yo

Betty Boop's Owner became ill and could no longer care for her. Betty is began plucking when her Owner separated from her. She is currently growing new feathers in and will have them back in no time. She is a very sweet girl who doesn't say much but mimics lots of noises and sounds. She's very gentle natured and warms up to new people quickly. Betty's ideal home would be one that can spend a healthy amount of time daily with her so she doesn't continue to pluck. Betty doesn't seem to have a preference to Owner being Male or Female.


Moluccan Cockatoo

Male 30's

Mango came to us after his Owner passed away. We were told Mango had a wing injury 3 years ago and it has healed deformed. We have had our Vet look at it and there is nothing that can be done at this point to correct it. He will not fly due to the wing but he makes up for it in personality. Mango is a LOUD bird please make sure you do your research before applying to adopt. Ideally Mango needs a Male handler he has not taken to me and his previous Owner was Male. 


Umbrella Cockatoo

Male 13 yo

Guido is a sweet but nervous boy. His Owner could no longer care for him and sent him to us. He has been with us for quite some time. He has been returned from his previous Foster Homes due to biting the Husband. He has been back in our home for over 6 months and is able to be handled by myself and my Husband. It takes him awhile to warm up I believe it's anxiety. He would do best in a home where the Female is his primary caretaker. Guido has a large vocabulary he says Hi Guido, Hey Big Boy, I love you, Hi Buddy, and a lot more. He truly is a wonderful boy he just needs a new Owner that has patience and experience.


Congo African Grey

Male 20's

Fred came to us because his Owner could no longer care for him. He has been settling in to his new daily routine. He is a little shy and will need a confident Owner who has patience. He comes out of the cage on his terms and then he will step up. Overall he is pretty quiet and doesn't say a lot of words. He does mimic noises he hears in the house. Fred doesn't seem to have a preference in a male or female caretaker.

Bob & Boomer AKA Boom Boom

Blue Crowned Conure & Sun Conure

Bonded Pair Ages Unknown Gender Unknown

Bob & Boomer were left with a caretaker and the Owner never came back for them. They are a silly Bonded Pair and we will NOT break them up. Best guess is they are in their 20's. Bob the Blue Crown is more introverted where Boomer his sidekick is very outgoing. These two stay together and rarely leave each other's side. They do share a cage so they MUST stay together. Reduced adoption fee applies.



Citron Crested Cockatoo

Female 27-30 yo

Koko's original owner passed away leaving a Flock of birds in the house to fend for themselves for about a week.  She has overcome a lot of trauma due to that and is looking for her forever home where she can be loved and have lots of attention. She is a very sensitive bird who will need a very understanding owner that has lots of patience and love for her. She is a screamer and wants to be with her person. If you have a strong shoulder Koko is happy to be there all day. 


Umbrella Cockatoo

Female 44 yo

What an Angel! Coming soon.

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