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We do not take budgies or cockatiels. Check with your local shelter. 

I Need To Relinquish My Bird 

We will respond in 48 hours
Feel free to reach out directly:
Does your bird get other birds?
Has your parrot been to vet in the last year?
Thanks for submitting!

How It Works

The First Step

We collect all the information we can to ensure your feathered friend gets the best care.


Our Responsibilities  

We work with you to make sure your bird has an easy transition. 

All expenses are covered once your bird is in our care. This includes veterinary needs, food and fun activities. We do ask that you make a financial contribution toward your birds future care but it is not necessary.


With decades of experience if your baby has behavioral issues, medical problems or stereotypic behaviors such as plucking we will work daily to rehab your bird.



Here we ask that provide your birds cage and food so they have stability during this a big change. 

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