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Available Birds:

If you are interested in adopting from us we ask you to: 1) Read the FAQ's before you make any inquiries. Hospice care birds have different adoption fees as there care going forward will be expensive. 2) Do extensive research on the species to decide on the right feathered friend for you. 3)Hospice care birds are not for beginnings . 4) If you plan to do a meet and greet with your bird we require that they been to the vet within the last year.

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Blue Fronted Amazon

34 yo Male

He is very meek and quiet. Jose is not very mobile and doesn't fly but he likes to clamber up to the top of the cage and look out of the window. He had a broken leg in the past which was never set so he’s got some deformity. Takes daily medication for a heart murmur and arthritisJose loves other animals. He likes to watch tv and makes cute little chirping sounds when he's excited (such as for supper) but doesn't scream. He prefers not to be handled but is food motivated and takes treats nicely from your hands without biting. Jose has especially beautiful eyes. 

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